Hey Laura,

Wow, that’s incredible. I was THIS close to applying to the Living School, but decided to take the 4-year leap of traditional seminary instead. Richard Rohr is my biggest teacher (though he doesn’t know it yet), and because of the impact his work has had on me, my focus is the perennial tradition and mystical Christianity (as well as Girardian nonviolent atonement, which is another thing his work is congruent with). I know he’s getting on in age, though he seems to be very much spry (thank God). I’m adamant to attend the Living School someday and I hope it’s when he’s around. Maybe next session.

Right now, I’m attending LSTC (Lutheran School of Theology Chicago).

It’s an ELCA seminary (the more progressive branch of Lutheranworld) that’s ecumenical and in full communion with the Episcopal church (which, I understand, is your foundation at this point). Thanks for asking and Godspeed on your journey!!

Writer. Mystical-Minded Lutheran Theologian. Super hard to write with this plank in my eye. | Daily(ish) email newsletter at jonasellison.substack.com/

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