God and sinners, reconciled

You know this line from the epic Christmas hymn, Hark, the Herald Angels Sing. It’s a line I’ve skimmed over for 40 years and am just now, as I go through seminary in mid(ish)life, beginning to see the significance of.

Note that it doesn’t say that God punishes, damns, or hates sinners.

God and sinners…

In the incarnation of Christ, we have God being born under the law in a world of sin. This doesn’t mean that he was born in Las Vegas. It means that he was born into a world where everyone feels accused and is trying to egoically justify their existence.

In the incarnation, we don’t have God on a throne telling us to get our stuff together. Rather, we have God in a lowly manger effectively telling us to get off our high horses and look into his little eyes.

God and sinners… Reconciled.

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