Go to hell?

Jonas Ellison
1 min readMay 7, 2022


I’m convinced that heaven is truly the only real game in town. It’s happening all around us all of the time. Before our little pruney human hearts stop beating and after. Heaven is the eternal party we’ve all been included in since before the dawn of time.

We can, however, sit in the corner and act like we’re not there.
Or that we’ve been kept out of it.
Or that WE deserve it but THEY don’t and there’s no way in hell we’re sharing heaven with THEM.

Any of us can go to hell
but the door to that sad saloon
seems to be on the far side
of the grand banquet of heaven.

Like, waaaaaay down at the end of the grand hallway.
It’s the loneliest walk in the time-space continuum.
It’s also the longest walk.
And when we get there, we realize we’ve gone nowhere.
The party still rages on around us
and the swinging saloon doors
are mere decoration.



Jonas Ellison

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