Authentic Christianity is Pro-Refugee and Immigrant. Period.

Jonas Ellison
5 min readJun 27, 2019
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I’m no full-fledged Biblical scholar, but even with my intermediate familiarity with the Bible, it’s vividly apparent that the God that Jesus embodies is pro-refugee.

Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were refugees.

Every single one of us alive today is a direct result of immigrants and refugees getting safely to their ‘promised land’ (wherever that was for them) and thriving there.

I typically don’t write about current events. I far prefer to keep my posts here evergreen. But this topic — the one of immigration — is as evergreen as they come. Since long before Yahweh in Egypt, this has been a hot topic, culturally speaking, worldwide.

The news of the dead father and daughter floating in the Rio Grande brought immediate tears to my eyes.

I have a daughter. She’s five years old — a few years older than 23-month old Angie Valeria, the drowning girl, it seems. Right now, our administration seems to favor people like us. Those of us who were born with white skin and who aren’t currently on public assistance. Though we’re not this administration’s favorite — the affluent — we’re still in good standing. No one is raiding the homes of people like me in my neighborhood. I also don’t have a guerilla mob holding up my neighbors and threatening our lives.

But I also know the pervasive nature of sin — the propensity for the human heart to turn in on itself and do hurtful things. I know how frail the fabric of our culture is and how things can change very quickly. And I know that, if the well-being of my family was under threat from a violent outside force — either governmental or not — there’s no question that I’d do very desperate things in order to flee the situation.

Jonas Ellison

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