Yeah… Isn’t it marvelous?

In our culture today, we’re addicted to our significance.
We’re hooked on being special.

As good as this should feel, it is utter torture.
As freeing as it should be, it’s actually imprisoning.

But it’s all made up.
All the pressure is actually off.
All of that importance that you’ve mentally assigned yourself to live up to is unreal.

So bask in your insignificance.
And know that all the love in the universe is yours.
Real joy is found here.



Faith is only for one thing…

Your proper enjoyment
of what already is
always has been
and always will be
world without end.

Your faith doesn’t change God’s mind about you
one iota.
God’s crazy bonkers in love with you.
And God knows everything about you.
(Even more than you know about yourself.)
So, the only question is…

Now what?



Jonas Ellison

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