A poetic attempt at summarizing the Gospel

There’s a difference between
the Bible
and the Gospel…

Between biblical words
And THE Word.

Before Jesus came around, people had a hard time
getting an idea of how God acted in the world.

I mean, the divine is eternal,
but God was mostly an abstract concept
born from projections of their…

Sierra Valley, CA

I have to remind myself of this often…

It’s called ‘Christianity,’ not ‘Biblicism.’

The nature of God is specifically revealed in Jesus,
his birth, life, death, and resurrection;
not widely in the Bible.

The Bible is the cradle of Christ Jesus
the anointed one
God’s final Word.

The Bible points…

Homeownership, I’m learning, comes with a life of projects. I stained the deck earlier this year. …

And the current implosion of the neo-evangelical megachurch

Photo by Edward Cisneros

There’s a lot of controversy in the church right now. (As I write this, I realize how evergreen that statement is. The church has always been in a state of controversy.) …

A quick reflection on my Clinical Pastoral Education

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago on my last day of summer hospital chaplaincy but have taken some time to clean it up. Here you have it — enjoy!

Well, that’s a wrap. My summer chaplaincy (CPE — Clinical Pastoral Education) is finished. In case you haven’t…

What does it even mean?

Taken by yours truly in North Center, Chicago

There’s a lot of talk in the Bible about Jesus being ‘without sin.’ (1 Peter 2:22, 2 Cor 5:21, Hebrews 4:15, 1 John 3:5, etc.)

Some draw inspiration from this. They look up to a Jesus of immaculate socio/moral standing. A Jesus who makes no mistakes. …

A daydream

What a joy it is, as I walk through city streets in the steamy midwest summer, to have ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ come on through the earbuds from my gloriously random playlist of ‘liked songs’.

This is what’s so brilliant about the shuffle feature. Whatever song comes on is…

When God directs our eyes skyward

As I write this, I’m in Chicago, IL finishing up my summer chaplaincy internship. For the last six weeks, I’ve been serving at a detention center in Reno, NV. …

When the attempt to balance the scales in life leads to heads on platters

Mark 6.14–29
Ephesians 1:3–14

[To see the video of this sermon, click here.]

You know those days where the world just grates on you? For no apparent reason, you find yourself generally annoyed at life? It’s nothing in particular. It’s not just one thing that sets you off. You can’t…

May the church return to being the one safe place for busted people to break down and fallen people to fall down

Door knocker to Durham Cathedral

I recently learned about a Christian icon that I’ve grown particularly drawn to. It’s a door knocker on the sanctuary door of the Durham Cathedral in Northeast England. For one, it’s in the shape of a lion, which is badass in and of itself. …

Jonas Ellison

God-Breathed Dirt Creature. Documentarian. Midlife Lutheran Seminarian (ELCA). Former ‘None.’ Parish Poet In Training. | jonasellison.com

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